Dogs love to get out and about where they can explore, be stimulated, burn off energy, enjoy new smells, sights and play with their doggy friends…….

The Dog Bus allows them to do this via a unique combination of Dog Walking and Dog Day Care in one great service…….

Our days are fun, the dogs enjoy them and they go home exercised, tired and happy.

Choosing the right dog walking service or dog day care centre is important. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and ages and you need to be assured the people looking after your dog understand what they are doing. We go the extra mile to ensure your dog has fun, but is also kept safe while with us.

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We take away the worry of having to dedicate lots of time with your dog, especially if you work long hours, have a demanding social life or travel often. You may not be physically up to walking your dog, don’t want to walk in bad weather or you simply don’t want to pick up poop in the park – then we’re here for you.
We provide a free pickup service and, once on site, we plan the day depending on the age and size of your dog: young, old, large or small….. we plan each full or half day to include walking, play and rest in a fun, safe and social environment. Then when we have suitably worn them out we return them home later in the day also free of charge.
The great advantage of our free pick up and drop off service is that it saves you time having to come to the depot to drop the dogs off in the morning and then come and pick them up at the end of a hard day at work. We do it all for you!

A New Adventure Every Day

Off Site Dog Walks

Included in our half day package is a one and a half hour off-site walk in some of the gang’s favourite places. On our full day package the dogs go out twice a day.

Here’s a small sample of some places we walk.

Tatton Park
Marbury Park
Along the Canal
Down The River Banks
In Woodlands
Down Trails & Tracks
Never on Roads
No trudging around the same place day in, day out for us…. We understand that dogs get bored so we go off site to walk and play. This allows the gang to have a great time running, chasing, socialising and playing with experienced and trained dog walkers and their doggy friends….. and because we walk different locations the dogs enjoy new places, smells and experiences. The Dog Bus is definitely not just another dog walking or dog day care service!

Excitement Hit A New Level Today!

And Of Course It’s 100% Guaranteed!


All Weather Walking

Yep! We walk in all weathers, rain, sleet, snow, winds and sunny days (much preferred of course) throughout the year. We wrap your pooch up in their favourite coat (or one of ours if you don’t have one) and off we go. Regardless of weather or traffic we will always turn up. If the weather is seriously bad and puts the dogs in danger then we will assess the situation and may walk slightly less that day, but will make up for it on another. If in circumstances out of our control we will always let you know.

If the gang get really wet or cold we whizz them back to our Dog Bus Depot, dry them off and warm them up.



Coming from senior management jobs, The Dog Bus owners have years of experience in running companies to the highest standard. This includes accreditation to industry approved standards and customer service. We apply the same criteria to The Dog Bus as we did then.

All the team are experienced dog walkers and undergo training in dog behavioural psychology, first aid and customer service.

Our Dog Day Care facilities are clean and secure

Located between Altrincham and Lymm, our dog day care centre consists of a large secure outside area and our dog bus depot (indoor unit) for when it is raining or cold. As we split the day up between off-site walks and on site the day care, the centre is used more for winding down relaxation before the journey home.


The team are qualified dog handlers, but dog training is not our core business activity – having fun with the dogs is!

Did you know dogs will get up to four times more exercise off lead than they will on lead.

Therefore we work closely with owners and dogs to teach recall so the guys can fully enjoy their walk unhindered.


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We always love to hear from our customers, new and old. Feel free to drop in or contact us during our business hours.

Or leave us message outside of them and one of the team will get back to you ASAP