Meet The Team

John Pearson MSc

John started dog walking in 2014 after being a company director for many years beforehand. He swapped the desk for a park. He has been pet owner for most of his life having had a variety of dogs and cats and brings a natural calm around the dogs which makes him a very effective pack leader.

He fully understands customer service and the need to offer excellent service levels and reliability alongside stringent safety levels throughout all aspects of the business.

John holds an iMDT dog training certificate and is Animal First Aid Trained. He has recently signed The Dog Bus upĀ forĀ Kennel Club Training for the team.

Julie Newland

Julie's background is in nursing. working throughout the NHS and then into local GP practices. Julie has also had a number of pets throughout her life and brings to the business a solid medical background with a high level of customer care focus.


Dee Waddup

Dee comes with a history of owning dogs and looking after rescues. She is a key member of team ensuring that all our audit trail paperwork is completed to the highest standards. She has a lot of experience with training guide dogs for the blind.

She brings high standards of animal care and service levels to the business along with a calmness the dogs love.

Sarah Smith

Sarah joined the team in early 2016 and is natural with the dogs. She has her own Whippet who she loves and adores and brings that same love for dogs to the dog bus gang. Very calm and constantly vigilant she is a great person to have with us.

Our Commitment

We are totally committed to our job and to the dogs. We always ensure the atmosphere is fun, safe, social and suitable for all our dogs, big, small, young or old. We never cheat on the time we say we will be out and try and sneak your dog home early nor we will never transport them unsafely! Where we need to help with training it is done via positive reinforcement and rewards. We take the time to get to know every single dog and share our attention equally among them all. Yes the dog bus is a dog walking and doggy day care business, but rest assured it is business with a passion. If you haven't read our testimonials yet you can find them By Clicking Here

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A little History

The Dog Bus was founded on the back of Dog Pawfect. We ran Dog Pawfect doing the same as most other dog walkers do, one hour dog walks. However, we strived to do something different and started to research what pet sitting, dog walking and doggy day care facilities where out there and what they were doing. And to be honest if we put ourselves in the clients seat, we would have been disappointed. We also learnt about some of the horror stories of packs of dogs being walked around streets, being dropped off early, transported in the back of vehicles to name a few. But we also looked at the dog walking business, learnt, adapted, trained and came up with the Dog Bus.

With the teams background of management, systems, auditing, customer focus, animal welfare and willingness to continue to learn, train and develop then you can rest assured your dog is in safe hands.

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