On The Dog Bus we combine traditional walks with our day care facility. This way you dog gets a day out the enjoy and deserve and they also go home tired and happy

A New Adventure Every Day

Choosing a dog walking or dog day care service for your dog is important. We love all our dogs and get to know them individually including their characteristics and who they play best with.

Dog Walking

Many dog day care centres keep the dogs on site all day, The Dog Bus have retained their ethos our off site dog walks, taking advantage of the open (but safe) dog walking locations in the area. Being based between Altrincham and Lymm gives us quick access to these locations.
We don't do dog walking as you know it. We do dog adventures and not dog trudges!
What we don't do, either for convenience, economical reasons or just because we can’t be bothered…. is to go to the same dog walking spot day after day!  
We witness it time and time again with other walkers who trudge around the same field/park day in day out with a pack of totally bored looking dogs trudging behind them.
We don't believe the dogs get what they deserve and owners don't get value for money. We have adventures while walking and fun and rest at play the doggy day care centre.

Doggy Day Care

We offer half and full doggy day care. We open from 9:00am through to 17:00 hrs. Half doggy day care is for 3 hours and full doggy day care is for 6 hours. To learn more click the link below.