Our ‘dog bus depot’ day care centre is located between Lymm & Altrincham. It has a large outdoor play area which is secure from all sides with high walls and a double gate entry system. On top of this we have our Dog Bus Station which consists of a large unit offering indoor cover for the colder and wetter days. The station is heated and laid out with with dog beds and crates for those wanting more privacy.

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We split the day up with on-site play and rest and off-site dog walking adventures. The bus depot allows the gang to have a place to relax, play and rest while under supervision. We have outdoor gazebos, so when tired the dogs can grab a snooze in the shade on sunny days.
Our bus station also gives the opportunity to wipe the guys down if they get muddy on their walks…. and because half the gang are out walking at any time, the numbers on site are always limited.

Half Day

We collect your dog from home and either go straight to the ‘Dog Bus Depot’ or out for a walk. After about 1.5 hrs we do a swap around and the dogs out walking go back to base and the dogs at the ‘Depot’ go out for their walk. All in the half day package involves 3 hours of walk, rest and play and excludes any travelling time to and from your home to which they are returned ready for big sleep after their day out.

Full Day

The full day option is an extension of the half day package, but with two walks included. They go out in the morning, then rest up before going out again for an afternoon walk. If your dog is not up for two big walks per day, then they can stay on site and enjoy playing with the gang. The full day is for six hours excluding travelling time.

Clean Dog Option

Dogs will get dirty while out walking, it is in their nature to find dirty spots and splash or roll in them. On the dog Bus we say no dirt no fun! We try to keep them clean and will towel them down at the end of walk, but cannot guarantee to return you a spotless dog.

Don't worry, they never go home this bad!

However we appreciate some owners do not want a dirty dog being returned home so we offer our clean dog option. Instead of going off site for a walk, they can stay in the day centre where they will still get to have fun, play with friends and get that necessary exercise they need, but not get dirty!

To Join Our Gang You Must Be

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Gang Membership Criteria

Friendly and socialised with other dogs
Be people friendly
Have your vaccinations up to date
Be microchipped

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Because we offer a free pick up and drop off service it saves you time having to come to the depot to drop the dogs off and then come and pick them up at the end of a hard day.