Feel free to compare our prices with other local day care centres.

Our prices include pick up and drop off from and to your home .

They also include an off-site walk which many dog day care centres do not offer as part of their package!

Many other dog day care centres charge additionally for picking your dog up and dropping them off (up to £5.00 each way in some cases). Add this to the day care rate and you will see how competitive we really are. . Our pick up and drop off avoids you having to find the time and incur the cost of dropping and picking up your dog yourself. Plus no more worrying about penalty fees if you are running late.


Half Day Prices

1 Dog £14.50

2 Dogs £19.50

Rinse and dry to ensure a clean dog is returned home. £3.00 per dog


Full Day Prices

1 Dog £19.50

2 Dogs £30.00


Half day is for 3 hours day care and includes an off site walk.

Full day is for 6 hours day care and includes two off site walks.

Boarding £25.00 per 24:00 hour period plus VAT. See our page on boarding by clicking Here

The half day and full day times shown above (3hrs & 6hrs) are on site and walking times inclusive. They exclude travelling time to and from your home.

The prices shown are inclusive of VAT and a discretionary service tip. If you would like a breakdown of the discretionary service tip amount please contact us. It is important to note the service tip element is freely given by customer in appreciation of our service levels and is not a compulsory fee. VAT no 279 1009 94