Frequently Asked Questions

We are fully insured to walk dogs and run a dog day care centre. Our insurance is provided by a professional animal trade insurer. We are covered for public liability, day care, day custody. key holding and transportation. Our Vehicle insurance is covered for business use.
You are more than welcome to come and visit our day care centre or come for a walk with us. See us in action, ask questions and see how your dog will be treated during there stay with us.

We are presently working with Warrington Council to obtain our licence to run a dog day care centre. They are fully aware and have visited our premises and happy to let us operate while the licence is being obtained.
Whether walking or in our day care centre then your dog will be under supervision at all times by one or two of our experienced team. We NEVER leave dogs unattended.

Well not in the back of cars or uncrated in the back of a van (we see it all to often!) Our vans are crated up to carry the small guys as well as the big ones. The crates have comfy bedding in and we try and minimise travelling time. We find that even if they don't like travelling the association of knowing they are on a new adventure with their friends usually overcomes this problem. On the way home they are too pooped out to care less.
We are open Monday to Friday. We are looking at opening for a brief time on Saturday and will add it to our opening times section.
All dogs on the dog bus are vetted prior to being accepted into the day day care centre. We are extremely strict in only accepting social dogs to ensure all of the dogs are get on with each other. Our experience shows that dogs will make their own social groups and friendships (just like a playground) so it highly unlikely your dog will not get on with others.
Don't worry we will help train them in basic commands and social skills. It makes your and our lives easier. We will also help guide you in being a pack leader if you need it. Unfortunately we cannot help if your dog has any aggression issues and suggest you seek the help of a dog trainer in this case. Otherwise read some of our testimonials on how owners feel there has been a massive improvement in their dog since joining us.
Yes, and if within reasonable distance we do it free of charge. Most clients give us a key to the door so they don't have to be in when we pick up or drop off. All staff have who pick up and drop off have been CRB checked.
We love Puppies and young dogs. They are our future customers. We take dogs from 12 weeks on as long as they come fully vaccinated and microchipped. Our day centre is a great place for puppies to play and make friends while learning their social skills.
We are really flexible on the amount of days you may want to use us. It is better to have a least one fixed day per week. You can then add to. that as required. However if you only need to use on an ad-hoc basis as long as we know your dog, then that is fine as well.
We are very limited at the moment but can arrange boarding with a few people we know. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.